2020 TMA Hall of Fame Nominations

The deadline to submit all TMA Hall of Fame nominees is March 6th, 2020.

This is your chance to help recognize individuals from the winter activity!  Awards will be presented at TMA Championships.

Any TMA member unit may submit a nomination.

Nominees should represent the best of TMA by having exhibited some or all of the below:

  • Meritorious Contributions
  • Influence on TMA
  • Depth of Service
  • Length of Service
  • Program Success
  • Support of TMA Educational opportunities
  • Service to Board of Directors, staff, judges, etc.

To submit a nomination for the 2020 TMA Hall of Fame, submit the attached nomination form and a letter of nomination to Tristate@Tristatemarchingarts.org, following the outline below:

1. Be sure to include the nominees full name and contact information.
2. Please explain in detail why you feel that this nominee should be considered for induction into the TMA Hall of Fame (please limit your letter to two pages maximum).

3. Include your name, address, and telephone numbers (including area code) along with your signature and the date you completed and submitted the letter.

All documentation must be submitted by email on or before the March 6th deadline. If you have any additional questions regarding the TMA Hall of Fame or the nomination process please contact Tristate@Tristatemarchingarts.org

Hall of Fame Form