Providing Performance Opportunities

Tri-State Marching Arts offers Winter Guard, Percussion and Winds performance groups the chance to compete.

Regionals and Power Regional Events

Groups competing at WGI Regional and Power Regional events will receive participant wristband passes for all performing members plus ten (10) additional passes for prelims, semi-finals and finals. Two of the 10 additional passes will provide front-side seating at Regional events. Also available for purchase is a PLUS Pass. This must be purchased at the time of registration.

Regional PLUS Pass provides five (5) additional passes at a fee of $75.00

Power Regional PLUS Pass provides seven (7) additional passes at a fee of $100.00

World Championships

Groups competing at World Championships will receive participant wristband passes for all performing members plus ten (10) additional passes. Wristbands will allow admission to all prelims, semi-finals, A Class Finals and Open Class Finals performances.

• Also available for purchase at the time of registration is a PLUS Pass. A World Championships PLUS Pass provides seven (7) additional wristband passes at a fee of $215.00.

• World Class groups performing in Finals will receive the same number of “Finalists” wristband passes that they received at check-in.

• Winds groups competing in World Championships will be able to pre-order Non-Finalist Backside tickets for Percussion World Finals. (Note: Due to the increased number of Winds groups competing at World Championships, the Winds prelims will run at the same time Scholastic World Class Finals is going on)

• Groups are allowed to pre-order Non-Finalist Backside tickets for the weekend of their group’s performances only.

World Championships Non-Finalist Backside Seat Tickets

For groups competing in World Championships, World Class Non-Finalist Backside tickets will be available for pre-order. The Primary, Secondary and Financial contacts listed will be notified when the pre-order link is available. Only the Primary or Financial contact may pre-order tickets. The link will be located on the director’s only website by selecting the “World Champs Non-Finalist Backside Seats” tab. Each group is eligible to pre-order the number of performing members plus ten (10) and an additional seven (7) if a PLUS Pass was previously purchased.

World Class Finals Price: $20 each

Pre-order Dates

Color Guard Finals:   Beginning Wednesday, February 20th at 12:00 noon EST.  Prices increase $10 on Thursday, March 14th  View Seating Chart

Percussion Finals:    Beginning Wednesday, February 27th at 12:00 noon EST.   Prices increase $10 on Thursday, March 21st   View Seating Chart

Additional Information

• Pre-orders are filled on a first come, first serve basis until seats are no longer available.

• Groups are financially responsible for all reserved backside seats unless your group is a World Class finalist, in which case your pre-ordered tickets will be voided.

• Orders may not be Cancelled.

• All Non-Finalist Backside Seat Tickets can be picked-up at World Championships headquarters located at UD Arena, Boesch Lounge, Friday evening or Saturday morning.

• Tickets are for your group’s use only and cannot be resold. Penalty for reselling tickets is disqualification from current World Championships as well as the following WGI competitive season.