Providing Performance Opportunities

Tri-State Marching Arts offers Winter Guard, Percussion and Winds performance groups the chance to compete.

WGI’s Travel Guidelines


Please schedule your arrival/departure to conform within the scope of the WGI event in which you are working.

One Day Regional Event

Two Day Regional Event

World Championships

Arrival – Friday

Arrival – Friday

CG & Perc


Departure – any time on Sunday (If you choose a return flight earlier than 6:00 AM on Sunday, WGI cannot guarantee you transportation to the airport.)

Departure – preferably after 6:30 pm on Sunday (unless you have been instructed differently)

Arrival – Tuesday or Wednesday (times may vary and you will be notified of this in a timely manner)

Arrival – Friday (times may vary and you will be notified of this in a timely manner)

The Event Partner is responsible for your transportation to/from the airport and to/from the event. If you plan to arrive early or stay late please ensure you have personal transportation available.


Departure – Anytime on Sunday

Departure – either after finals on Sunday or anytime on Monday


Airline tickets purchased by WGI remain the property of WGI and can only be used for approved events. Airline tickets used for unauthorized reasons will require full reimbursement to WGI.

Airfare Restrictions

WGI asks that you find the cheapest flight possible within your travel parameters. (i.e. If you cannot depart until after 5 pm on Friday, then choose the cheapest fare that departs after 5 pm on Friday.) If your chosen flight is more than $40 over the cheapest fare, then you will be responsible for the additional cost. WGI uses Kayak and to determine the lowest cost airfare within your travel parameters.

Discount Carriers – WGI does not use discount carriers to determine lowest cost. If you wish to fly on a discount carrier such as Frontier, Spirit, or Allegiant (among others) please contact the WGI office for instructions. Depending on the lowest cost non-discount carrier airline, airfare restrictions may still apply.

Basic Economy (“last class”) – Domestic carriers American, Delta, and United are offering tickets to compete with discount carriers. WGI will not use these types of tickets to determine lowest cost airfare. These tickets are non-exchangeable (which means if for some reason you must change your flight, you lose all monies toward this type of ticket) and do not come with a seat assignment. A passenger with this ticket is the first to be bumped off a flight. (American, Delta, and United are all utilizing Basic Economy fares now.)


Those who travel for WGI on a regular basis are asked to utilize Concur to book their travel. (e.g. Judges, Contest Administrators) Please download the Concur Information for additional instructions.

Mileage Reimbursement

All mileage reimbursements must be submitted to the WGI office within 60 days of the event date. The mileage reimbursement includes gas and parking fees (including hotel parking). Toll payments will be reimbursed separately with appropriate receipts. WGI will reimburse mileage using the IRS standard amount. Total mileage reimbursement is not to exceed the lowest possible airfare for travel to the same destination. WGI reserves the right to refuse reimbursement if any of the above is not satisfied.

Car Rental Information

Train Travel

If you wish to travel by train, please contact the WGI office for instructions.

Additional Info

WGI will notify each traveler when they may begin to book travel for WGI events. It is then the responsibility of the traveler to make their arrangements in a timely manner.
All other travel expenses will only be reimbursed with expressed written permission from the Director of Color Guard, Director of Percussion, Director of Winds, or the Executive Director.

Additional travel info may be found in the WGI Policy Manual, 7.2.