TMA Fall Classification and Scoring System

TMA is excited to announce our classification and Scoring Systems for the newly formed TMA Fall Circuit.

This unique to us set up, will offer something for everyone, with a Regional A, Scholastic A, and Scholastic Open class system where directors have the ability to classify their band for where they are that season. As the fall circuit grows and progresses, much like our indoor circuit, a full policy manual with a promotion/review system will be added to ensure growth and reward.

In addition to the unique classifications, TMA Fall will be utilizing a unique Judging set up and scoring system that will include Colorguard and Percussion into the overall score!

We are excited to roll this out this season! If you are a band director interested in hosting a TMA event this fall, please reach out to us!

For all the details and more, Take a look!


TMA Fall Circuit Classifications and Policy

TMA Fall Judges Sheets