Senior Shoutouts and Snapchat Takeovers!

At Tristate Marching Arts, we want to share everything that we are able during these trying times. While we might not get to meet in person for the first three competitions, we are still able to share these experiences through social media. We are currently having two options to showcase the groups for this season: Senior Shoutouts and Snapchat Takeovers.

Like last season, we are bringing back Senior Sundays! Fill out the form below so that we are able to feature the seniors of this season throughout these upcoming months. You can use the form below for a senior shoutout. This is open to anyone who wants to


We are also wanting to showcase the groups as a whole through Snapchat Takeovers! Directors if you are interested you can use the form below to sign up for the opportunity to showcase the hard work all groups are putting in for the upcoming season.


Snapchat takeover

Senior Shoutouts

If you have any questions, concerns, or problems, feel free to reach out via email