Campbell County 2020

Show Date : 2/22/2020
Updated : 2/19/2020 at 3:13 AM

Welcome 12:00 PM
Scholastic Marching A  
      Boyle County HS 12:10 PM
Class Change 12:19 PM
Scholastic Concert Open  
      West Union HS 12:24 PM
Class Change 12:34 PM
Scholastic A Winds  
      Rising Sun HS 12:39 PM
Class Change 12:48 PM
Independent Marching Open  
      Triple Crown 12:53 PM
Tabulation 01:03 PM
Awards 01:23 PM
Mallet Clinic 02:08 PM
End Time 03:38 PM

** Final Schedule** All Sound Checks will take place before the show until 10 minutes prior to start time. All Sound checks during the show will occur at breaks/class changes only.