2024 Championships

Show Date : 3/30/2024
Updated : 3/24/2024 at 11:10 PM

Welcome 09:00 AM
      Beechwood JV 09:03 AM
      Forest Hills 09:10 AM
      Highland Hills MS 09:17 AM
Scholastic Regional A 2  
   Purple Round  
      Wyoming HS 09:24 AM
      Salem HS 09:31 AM
      Mercer Co HS 09:38 AM
      Jeffersonville HS 09:45 AM
      Silver Creek HS 09:52 AM
      Scottsburg HS 09:59 AM
      Paul Laurence Dunbar HS JV 10:06 AM
   Blue Round  
      Butler Traditional HS 10:13 AM
      Marion Co HS 10:20 AM
      Bullitt East HS 10:27 AM
      Madison Consolidated HS 10:34 AM
      Wayne Co HS 10:41 AM
      Lakota West HS JV 10:48 AM
      George Rogers Clark HS JV 10:55 AM
Class Change 11:02 AM
Scholastic Regional A  
      Cumberland Co HS 11:12 AM
      Russell HS 11:19 AM
      Owensboro Catholic HS 11:26 AM
      East Jessamine HS 11:33 AM
      Glasgow HS 11:40 AM
      Forest Hills 11:47 AM
      Eastern HS (KY) 11:54 AM
      Deer Park HS 12:01 PM
      North Oldham HS 12:08 PM
      Lafayette HS JV 12:15 PM
      Madison Central HS JV 12:22 PM
      Adair Co HS 12:29 PM
Class Change 12:36 PM
Independent Regional A  
      IGNITE 12:46 PM
      Northern Kentucky University 12:53 PM
      Wildcat Color Guard 01:00 PM
      Meridian 01:07 PM
Division Change 01:14 PM
Scholastic Concert A  
      Silver Creek HS 01:17 PM
      Beechwood HS 01:26 PM
      Highlands HS 01:35 PM
      Owensboro Catholic HS 01:44 PM
      Elizabethtown HS 01:53 PM
Class Change 02:02 PM
Scholastic Concert Open  
      West Union HS 02:05 PM
      Louisville Male HS 02:15 PM
Festival Class  
      Veterans Park ES 02:25 PM
Tabulation 02:32 PM
Awards 02:47 PM
Scholastic A 2  
   Purple Round  
      Anderson Co HS 03:47 PM
      Washington Co HS 03:55 PM
      Meade County HS 04:03 PM
      North Harrison HS 04:11 PM
      South Laurel HS 04:19 PM
      Grant Co HS 04:27 PM
      South Oldham HS 04:35 PM
      Dixie Heights HS 04:43 PM
   Blue Round  
      Paul Laurence Dunbar HS 04:51 PM
      duPont Manual HS 04:59 PM
      Madeira HS 05:07 PM
      Floyd Central HS 05:15 PM
      Highlands HS 05:23 PM
      Henry Clay HS 05:31 PM
      Tates Creek HS 05:39 PM
      Ballard HS 05:47 PM
Division Change 05:55 PM
Scholastic A 2 Percussion  
      Boyle Co HS 05:58 PM
      Grant Co HS 06:07 PM
      Henryville HS 06:16 PM
      Scottsburg HS 06:25 PM
Break 06:34 PM
Scholastic A  
   Purple Round  
      Beechwood HS 06:59 PM
      John Hardin HS 07:07 PM
      Woodford Co HS 07:15 PM
      Central Hardin HS 07:23 PM
      Lakota West HS 07:31 PM
      Milford HS 07:39 PM
      Elizabethtown HS 07:47 PM
   Blue Round  
      Campbell Co HS Varsity 07:55 PM
      Madison Central HS 08:03 PM
      George Rogers Clark HS Varsity 08:11 PM
      Sycamore HS 08:19 PM
      Lafayette HS 08:27 PM
      Larry A. Ryle HS 08:35 PM
      Floyd Central HS 08:43 PM
Independent A  
      Morehead State University 08:51 PM
      Lyra Winterguard 08:59 PM
      Meridian A 09:07 PM
      Forest Hills 09:15 PM
Class Change 09:23 PM
Independent Open  
      The Magnolia Project 09:26 PM
Class Change 09:35 PM
Scholastic World  
      Milford HS 09:38 PM
      Warren Central HS 09:48 PM
Independent World  
      Elevate 09:58 PM
      Lexis 10:08 PM
Tabulation 10:18 PM
Awards 10:33 PM
End Time 11:33 PM

****Schedule is FINAL **** Vertical Time Line Percussion- NO Tents. If weather permitting, may warm up outside. Directors must have unit to Ready Line ON TIME Inside Warm up if needed- PSCO/PSCA- Warm Up A is Guard Body & PSA2-Warm Up B is Guard Body Doors will be marked with Percussion Divisions Cashless Venue No outside food brought in for units