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Show Date : 3/7/2020
Updated : 3/6/2020 at 3:17 AM

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Welcome 11:20 AM 
   Blue Division  
Fern Creek HSSRA209:25 AM10:49 AM10:56 AM11:01 AM11:08 AM11:18 AM 11:25 AM11:32 AM
North Oldham HSSRA209:32 AM10:56 AM11:03 AM11:08 AM11:15 AM11:25 AM 11:32 AM11:39 AM
Eastern HS (IN)SRA209:39 AM11:03 AM11:10 AM11:15 AM11:22 AM11:32 AM 11:39 AM11:46 AM
duPont Manual HSSRA209:46 AM11:10 AM11:17 AM11:22 AM11:29 AM11:39 AM 11:46 AM11:53 AM
Henryville HSSRA209:53 AM11:17 AM11:24 AM11:29 AM11:36 AM11:46 AM 11:53 AM12:00 PM
Rising Sun HSSRA210:00 AM11:24 AM11:31 AM11:36 AM11:43 AM11:53 AM 12:00 PM12:07 PM
Southwestern HSSRA210:07 AM11:31 AM11:38 AM11:43 AM11:50 AM12:00 PM 12:07 PM12:14 PM
Heritage Hills HSSRA210:14 AM11:38 AM11:45 AM11:50 AM11:57 AM12:07 PM 12:14 PM12:21 PM
Scottsburg HS - Junior VarsitySRA210:21 AM11:45 AM11:52 AM11:57 AM12:04 PM12:14 PM 12:21 PM12:28 PM
Break 12:28 PM  
   Purple Division  
North Bullitt HSSRA210:33 AM11:57 AM12:04 PM12:09 PM12:16 PM12:26 PM 12:33 PM12:40 PM
Shawe Memorial HSSRA210:40 AM12:04 PM12:11 PM12:16 PM12:23 PM12:33 PM 12:40 PM12:47 PM
Mount Vernon Sr. HSSRA210:47 AM12:11 PM12:18 PM12:23 PM12:30 PM12:40 PM 12:47 PM12:54 PM
Madison Consolidated HSSRA210:54 AM12:18 PM12:25 PM12:30 PM12:37 PM12:47 PM 12:54 PM01:01 PM
New Albany HSSRA211:01 AM12:25 PM12:32 PM12:37 PM12:44 PM12:54 PM 01:01 PM01:08 PM
Lafayette HS - Junior VarsitySRA211:08 AM12:32 PM12:39 PM12:44 PM12:51 PM01:01 PM 01:08 PM01:15 PM
Jeffersonville HS - Junior VarsitySRA211:15 AM12:39 PM12:46 PM12:51 PM12:58 PM01:08 PM 01:15 PM01:22 PM
Corydon Central HS - Junior VarsitySRA211:22 AM12:46 PM12:53 PM12:58 PM01:05 PM01:15 PM 01:22 PM01:29 PM
Class Change 01:29 PM  
Mount Vernon Jr. HSJ11:39 AM01:03 PM 01:10 PM 01:15 PM01:22 PM01:32 PM 01:39 PM01:46 PM
Madisonville North Hopkins MSJ11:46 AM01:10 PM 01:17 PM 01:22 PM01:29 PM01:39 PM 01:46 PM01:53 PM
Paoli ElementaryJ11:53 AM01:17 PM 01:24 PM 01:29 PM01:36 PM01:46 PM 01:53 PM02:00 PM
Heritage Hills MSJ12:00 PM01:24 PM 01:31 PM 01:36 PM01:43 PM01:53 PM 02:00 PM02:07 PM
Castle MSJ12:07 PM01:31 PM 01:38 PM 01:43 PM01:50 PM02:00 PM 02:07 PM02:14 PM
Washington County Junior J12:14 PM01:38 PM 01:45 PM 01:50 PM01:57 PM02:07 PM 02:14 PM02:21 PM
Tabulation 02:21 PM  
Awards 02:36 PM  
Break 03:06 PM  
   Blue Division  
Madisonville North Hopkins HS - Junior VarsitySRA01:21 PM02:45 PM02:52 PM02:57 PM03:04 PM03:14 PM 03:21 PM03:28 PM
Collins HSSRA01:28 PM02:52 PM02:59 PM03:04 PM03:11 PM03:21 PM 03:28 PM03:35 PM
Silver Creek HSSRA01:35 PM02:59 PM03:06 PM03:11 PM03:18 PM03:28 PM 03:35 PM03:42 PM
Grayson County HSSRA01:42 PM03:06 PM03:13 PM03:18 PM03:25 PM03:35 PM 03:42 PM03:49 PM
Meade County HSSRA01:49 PM03:13 PM03:20 PM03:25 PM03:32 PM03:42 PM 03:49 PM03:56 PM
Corydon Central HS - VarsitySRA01:56 PM03:20 PM03:27 PM03:32 PM03:39 PM03:49 PM 03:56 PM04:03 PM
North Harrison HSSRA02:03 PM03:27 PM03:34 PM03:39 PM03:46 PM03:56 PM 04:03 PM04:10 PM
Break 04:10 PM  
   Purple Division  
Owensboro Catholic HS - Junior VarsitySRA02:15 PM03:39 PM03:46 PM03:51 PM03:58 PM04:08 PM 04:15 PM04:22 PM
Washington County HSSRA02:22 PM03:46 PM03:53 PM03:58 PM04:05 PM04:15 PM 04:22 PM04:29 PM
Central Hardin HSSRA02:29 PM03:53 PM04:00 PM04:05 PM04:12 PM04:22 PM 04:29 PM04:36 PM
Floyd Central HS - Junior VarsitySRA02:36 PM04:00 PM04:07 PM04:12 PM04:19 PM04:29 PM 04:36 PM04:43 PM
Jeffersonville HS - VarsitySRA02:43 PM04:07 PM04:14 PM04:19 PM04:26 PM04:36 PM 04:43 PM04:50 PM
South Oldham HSSRA02:50 PM04:14 PM04:21 PM04:26 PM04:33 PM04:43 PM 04:50 PM04:57 PM
Class Change 04:57 PM  
Montgomery County UnitedIRA03:07 PM04:31 PM 04:38 PM 04:43 PM04:50 PM05:00 PM 05:07 PM05:14 PM
Class Change 05:14 PM  
John Hardin HSSA203:19 PM04:40 PM 04:48 PM 04:53 PM05:01 PM05:11 PM 05:19 PM05:27 PM
Madisonville North Hopkins HS - VarsitySA203:27 PM04:48 PM 04:56 PM 05:01 PM05:09 PM05:19 PM 05:27 PM05:35 PM
Bullitt East HSSA203:35 PM04:56 PM 05:04 PM 05:09 PM05:17 PM05:27 PM 05:35 PM05:43 PM
Owensboro Catholic HS - VarsitySA203:43 PM05:04 PM 05:12 PM 05:17 PM05:25 PM05:35 PM 05:43 PM05:51 PM
Meade County HSSA203:51 PM05:12 PM 05:20 PM 05:25 PM05:33 PM05:43 PM 05:51 PM05:59 PM
Louisville Male HSSA203:59 PM05:20 PM 05:28 PM 05:33 PM05:41 PM05:51 PM 05:59 PM06:07 PM
Paoli HSSA204:07 PM05:28 PM 05:36 PM 05:41 PM05:49 PM05:59 PM 06:07 PM06:15 PM
Class Change 06:15 PM  
Castle HSSA04:22 PM05:43 PM 05:51 PM 05:56 PM06:04 PM06:14 PM 06:22 PM06:30 PM
Eastern HS (KY)SA04:30 PM05:51 PM 05:59 PM 06:04 PM06:12 PM06:22 PM 06:30 PM06:38 PM
Floyd Central HS - VarsitySA04:38 PM05:59 PM 06:07 PM 06:12 PM06:20 PM06:30 PM 06:38 PM06:46 PM
Central Hardin HS - Junior VarsityFC04:46 PM06:01 PM 06:11 PM 06:16 PM06:26 PM06:36 PM 06:46 PM06:56 PM
Highland Hills MSFC04:56 PM06:11 PM 06:21 PM 06:26 PM06:36 PM06:46 PM 06:56 PM07:06 PM
Tabulation 07:06 PM  
Awards 07:21 PM  
Dance Clinic 07:51 PM  
End Time 08:51 PM

** Final Schedule** All Sound Checks will take place before the show until 10 minutes prior to start time. All Sound checks during the show will occur at breaks/class changes on