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Show Date : 2/29/2020
Updated : 2/25/2020 at 4:20 AM

GroupClassDirector Check In ByTransitWarm UpWarm Up
TransitReadyPerform Load
Marion County HSPSB04:36 PM05:56 PM06:04 PMA06:20 PM06:28 PM06:36 PM 06:44 PM
Taylor County HSPSB04:44 PM06:04 PM06:12 PMB06:28 PM06:36 PM06:44 PM 06:52 PM
Class Change 06:52 PM 
Mount Vernon Sr. HSPSA204:57 PM06:14 PM06:22 PMA06:40 PM06:48 PM06:57 PM 07:06 PM
Henryville HSPSA205:06 PM06:23 PM06:31 PMB06:49 PM06:57 PM07:06 PM 07:15 PM
Class Change 07:15 PM 
Boyle County HSPSA05:20 PM06:37 PM06:45 PMA07:03 PM07:11 PM07:20 PM 07:29 PM
Meade County HSPSA05:29 PM06:46 PM06:54 PMB07:12 PM07:20 PM07:29 PM 07:38 PM
Class Change 07:38 PM 
Heritage Hills HSPSCA05:43 PM07:00 PM07:08 PMA07:26 PM07:34 PM07:43 PM 07:52 PM
Elizabethtown HSPSCA05:52 PM07:09 PM07:17 PMB07:35 PM07:43 PM07:52 PM 08:01 PM
Owensboro Catholic HSPSCA06:01 PM07:18 PM07:26 PMA07:44 PM07:52 PM08:01 PM 08:10 PM
Tabulation 08:10 PM 
Awards 08:26 PM 
End Time 08:56 PM

** Tentative Schedule** Schedule will be final the Tuesday before show Saturday.