02/06/2017 20170206 Director Email

Spiel Sheet/Show Announcing


Happy Monday Everyone,


What a great start to the 2017 season we have had.  So much talent on that performance floor and we are only in week 3 now.  Not to jinx it but the weather certainly has been cooperative and most groups have been fortunate to not have their practices be cancelled due to weather.  So exciting seeing all the great performances and we cannot wait to see everyone again this weekend.


Just wanted to remind everyone to complete their paperwork and make sure your spiel sheet information is correct.  Several units still have incorrect or no show titles and some groups have the old director name or staff information.  If you want to check your spiel sheet you can log in on the website with your director user profile then click on the link on the right side of the page called "manage unit".  From here you can verify your information is correct and make changes if it is not.  We can only announce what you have given us so please check this out and make sure it is correct before your next event.


Everyone have a great week, productive practices and fabulous performances this coming weekend. 


See you soon,


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