Membership Application Details

This year we will be handling all applications in an online format. Please follow the directions for either a new or returning member below. Email with any questions.

New Units

Any unit who is NEW to the TMA...

Step 1 - Fill Out The Online Application for New Units
Step 2 - Pay Member Dues by Check or Online (details here)

Returning Units

Any unit who has performed with the TMA in the past 3 years...

Step 1 - Click here to see who the primary contact is for your unit.

If it is incorrect, Please fill out this form to change the primary contact. and wait for a response before proceeding to step 2. We will process your request within 1-2 business days to change the primary contact.

If it is correct, move on to step 2.

Step 2 - Login to the Directors Only Area and click on REGISTER RETURNING UNIT

Step 3 - Select the unit you want to register.

Step 4- Information from your unit profile will automatically be filled in. Please review and make any required updates to that and then submit the application.

Step 5 - Pay Member Dues by Check or Online (details here)



If you have questions or need additional information please feel free to email us.


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